Weekly Calendar of Events at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Parish


Updated January 2017


8:00 am                 Service of The Holy Eucharist (Church)

9:30 am                 Adult Education/Forum (Library )

9:30 am                 Choir Practice (Church)

10:30 am               Choral festival Service of The Holy Eucharist (Church)

12:00 pm              Coffee Hour (Church)

12:15 pm               (Third Sunday) Vestry Meeting (Church)

6:00 pm                 Journey Koinonia (Church)

10:00 pm              Here and Now (12-step) (Hall)


10:30 am               St. Michael the Archangel Sack Lunch

8:00 pm                Determined Dames (12-step) (Hall)

10:00 pm              Here and Now (12-step) (Hall)


10:30 am               Art Group (Library )

11:45 am                Chili lunch, Parish Hall

12:30 pm               Men’s Life Coaching Group (Library)

6:00 pm                Bible study and supper (Hall)

7:00-9:00pm       Nightwatch Tuesdays

7:00-8:30 pm       (Fourth Tuesday of each month) PFLAG (Church)

10:00 pm               Here and Now (12-step) (Hall)


11:00 am                Men’s Bible Study (Library)

12:15 pm                Service of Holy Eucharist (Chapel)

1:00 pm           Begin Within meditation group (offsite – see announcements for details)

5:00 pm                 Underground (Hall)

10:00 pm               Here and Now (12-step) (Hall)


9:00 am      Breakfast with Books reading group (see announcements for details)

2:00-6:00 pm      (Fourth Thursday of each month) Food Pantry (Clay Street Table) .

7:00-11:00 pm    Operation Nightwatch (Parish Hall)

7:30 pm                 Choir Practice (Church)

10:00 pm              Here and Now (12-step) (Church)


10:30 am               St. Michael The Archangel Sack Lunch (Hall)

7:00-11:00 pm        Operation Nightwatch (Hall)

7:00 pm                (Third Friday of each month) – Integrity Portland Chapter (Church)

10:00 pm              Here and Now (12-step) (Hall)


7:30-10:00 am     Saturday Breakfast (Clay Street Table) (Hall)

7:00-11:00 pm     Operation Nightwatch (Hall)

10:00 pm               Here and Now (12-step) (Church)