Greetings in the Name of the One who came among us as our Savior and our Friend:

Welcome to St. Stephen’s Episcopal Parish in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon. We are a small, yet mighty band of believers who are attempting to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our part of God’s Kingdom come among us in the here and now. Please browse our website to learn who we are and what we do to “seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbors as ourselves.” [Book of Common Prayer, p. 304]

St. Stephen’s has a presence of more than 150 years in this city.  In 1863, our doors first opened for services on the site where City Hall is currently located, and we moved to our current location in 1890.  Over the years, St. Stephen’s has served as a refuge in the city for African American, Chinese and LBTQ Christians who have not always found a welcome in the institutional Church.

Please join us for worship and work among the people of God at the corner of  13th and Clay.  Come see how we serve those who are hungry in body and spirit.

Blessings to you and those whom you love!
Sue Rossiter, Senior Warden

 Creating a Caring Community

Since our pioneer Oregon Trail days, a wide variety of Portland’s citizens have found a home with us. Currently, we host our own congregation, as well as local organizations Clay Street Table, Integrity Portland Chapter, Operation Nightwatch, HomePDX, Underground, Here and Now, and Journey Koinonia Catholic Community.

Whether you you are visiting for a day or seeking a church home, we would be delighted to see you. Please feel free to join us for a service on Sundays at 8:00 or 10:30am followed by our famous coffee hour socials.  We look forward to meeting you, and hope to see you soon!